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Hi, I'm Raul Perez

I'm a research consultant helping companies reach key marketing goals


Identify new segments

Explore customer needs 

Expand your market

Improve Customer Experience

Map the customer journey

Eliminate friction 

Build loyalty


Generate ideas

Refine concepts

Test solutions

How can I help?

Growth Services

Professional Interviews

Remote interviews are ideal for busy professionals. This type of interaction helps protect client confidentiality and you get very honest responses.

Focus Groups

With group interviews one gets the benefit of body language and other forms of non-verbal communication. This helps create a very nuanced story.

Individual Interviews

Face-to-face (F2F) interviews are ideal for sensitive subjects. When people open up, you get more clear direction for your next steps.


You can get good response rates with good planning and design. Topic relevance and optimal targeting are your friends here.

CX Services

Journey Mapping

This is a first step in trying to understand loyalty. You get to create and share a new way of looking at customer experience.

Feedback Surveys

Satisfaction surveys and tools like NPS can lead to meaningful change. The key is to "close the loop".

Feedback Programs

It’s not just the survey. Change needs an ecosystem of dashboards, metrics, action plans and follow-ups.

Innovation Services

Idea Generation

Through facilitation, I help leverage existing customer knowledge and help your team develop new ideas.


After vetting one or more ideas, it's time to test with customers. For B2B, this usually means confidential interviews. For B2C, more options are possible.

Innovation Sprints

Imagine a big challenge requiring outside the box thinking. Over several days, I work with your staff to design and validate a solution.

My Story

Raul Perez, PhD MBA

Research & Insights Consultant

Over the last ten years, I’ve held marketing and research roles at large, multinational corporations. My projects were professionally rewarding. I got to speak with many kinds of customers, and I got to work with people wearing different hats.

The only thing I wish I could change was my experience outsourcing research. I’d get reports that showed insufficient due diligence. Not only that, but I often got a sense these reports were written for research folks, not my internal clients. And recommendations were a hodgepodge of ideas without regard to cost and payoff. Does this sound familiar?

That’s why I’m offering research services that corporate buyers will find more relevant and actionable.

  • I’ll quickly understand your market thanks to my wide industry exposure, which I got largely from within corporations
  • My reports will speak to your audience directly because I’ve worked closely with different corporate teams
  • I’ll be able to support your action planning as I, myself, have facilitated change from within organizations

Change is the ultimate measure of research ROI. Turn research into the valuable tool you will be sought after and respected for. Get in touch with me, and let’s discuss how to help YOU succeed.



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